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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Given the World, For $3.

Recently my husband and I had a serious conversation with a beloved family member about the Lord. This came about because our 5 year old daughter, knowing what she knows about God's simple plan for rescuing the souls of men, is boldly asking those she loves "Do you know the Lord?", "Are you saved?" and most recently, "Do you know if your sins have been forgiven?"

The response to this question runs the gamete...(what is a gamete by the way...or am I mixing up the phrase?)Anyway, if your only thought on reading this is, "Oh, how wonderful!" or "That's so cute!" then you either
a. don't have any kids
b. have kids but really no relatives/friends who are not Christ followers
or c. you are WAY too spiritual to be reading my blog!

This one relative is convinced I whisper these things into Arowyn's ears...she has no understand of the Holy Spirit working in Arowyn's life or the pureness of her love which compels my daughter to speak of that which most (I) tiptoe and hide and wait patiently for an "open door" to walk through. I have actually had to squash the impulse to say, "Don't talk about the Lord with so and so...it just makes waves!" I haven't...but I'm just saying!!!

I recently realize the ugly truth...it just makes waves...for me. Not for my husband or child...me! And when I concentrate on that I can get a real "victim" mentality...but God has shown me something else recently...I have been given a great honor...I am the catching net for the resentment that normally would have fallen on my daughter except for the love her relationship has with this relative. May I do so with Joy and not grief.

What does all this have to do with being given the world for $3? Glad you asked!

During our conversation, my relation said, "Just because you mention God all the time, doesn't mean anything!"

Out of the three of us at the table that night, I'M the one that "mentions God" ALL THE TIME! This gave me great pause. I do talk about you, Lord...a lot. Do I talk about you...too much?

Well, the first thing I discovered about my "God Talk" is not so flattering...with those who are not Christ followers...I guess sometimes I'm fishing...fishing for an opening to speak about the One that matters most in my life. I thought I was creating opportunities to share, even for a moment, His divine presence in our lives. But I was talking with some friends recently and realized, I'm kinda being a "colt in a flower patch" as one fabulous author, Charmaine Davis, put it. I'd just fling my thoughts out there without regard for the Holy Spirit's leading. I thought, "Well it's about God, so I can say anything, anytime any where." And that might not be true...still working through this one and if you have any helpful thoughts, I'll love you to share them ;)

The other thing that came out was pretty big. Rick and I were having one of our pillow talks, they are rare but special. And we got to talking about this issue and I said something that made him smile with understanding that I hope to convey here.But first, a little background.

I had wanted a globe for Arowyn for the past two years. I told her I'd get her a globe when she memorized all the states and capitals. She did...6 months ago! Now I'm not just talking about any 'ole $10 globe...I'm talking about the kind with "all the bells and whistles", the kind that tells the time in Kenya and the national anthem for China, and the population of Ireland. The kind that cost about $130...on sale ;)

Well, between you, me and my bank account, that kind of globe is not in our budget. And that, as they say, was the end of that. But it remained...a wistful, quiet desire in my heart.

This year, Arowyn starts Classical Conversations...a globe of some sort is paramount, a $5 place mat would do just fine.

Moving along...people go to the movies, out to eat nice, or trips to Paris and beyond...Rick and I yard sale and dumpster dive for our fun. Well, one particular morning about two months ago, I stumbled across a globe...THE globe, actually better than the one I wanted...it's a Leap Frog Globe . Had a tag "make and offer" It looked brand new. The owner noticed me looking at it; had she seen me drooling?

Be cool

"What are you looking to get for this?"

"Oh, I don't know...bought for my granddaughter. She doesn't take no notice of it, so I'm gettin rid if it."

"Hmm. Says "make and offer". I'd really hate to do that...I just don't think...I don't know..."
My mind screamed $20? $25? Would Rick pay that? Would this lady be insulted if I said less...like $10?

"Is $3 too much for you?"

Pardon? Alicha...don't you dare choke and whatever you do...resist the urge, nay the deep seeded need, to tell her she should be asking WAY more! Remember that 7 piece post WWII American Embassy suite from Paris sitting at home...insisted we pay $25 dollars more than asking price! Remember the scolding you got? The memory of Rick's voice cut in, "People ask what they WANT to get for something...it's not as valuable to them as it is to YOU...that's why they are selling it and you are buying it!" Duh! (Duh added by me, not hubby!)

"Sure, okay." very cool...

So, back to the mattresses...I said to Rick, " You know why I shared about that globe to people who don't know Him? To those who think it strange that I should attribute such worth to the seeming coincidence of finding my heart's globe at a yard sale...Because I am uttering overwhelmed and in awe of the fact that my God...My CREATOR, the one that runs the universe without a blink or sigh, sees a desire of my heart and he grants it."

A simple need that could be satisfied by a place mat and yet the Lord gave me it with all the humor and wonder those who know him recognize him by. My heart says to my mind "He took care of my soul, what more have I the right to ask of Him." But his actions through-out my life have said, "I took care of your soul and I care for the desires of your heart too."

Zechariah 4:10 says, “Who despises the day of small things?”
Ephesians 5:20 tells me that I should always be giving “… thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

And so I shout back, with all the humor and wonder I've witnessed,