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Friday, February 22, 2013

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Flashpoint" TV Series Reviewed

I like to watch TV shows from Netflix's instant play while folding clothes or while cleaning an especially messy room...like my bedroom! :)  It's my "thing". Well, while doing my thing, I discovered a series which, to my utter amazement, has quickly become my favorite show...perhaps of all time!.

Flashpoint is a show created in 2008 and from what I can tell, has just finished it's 5th and final series brought to us by Canadian TV. The premise: Team One of the Strategic Response Unit (SRU) is a division of the police force (a cop show, people!) that is brought in usually during a crisis, such as a hostage is taken or a prison take over.

Now, I have never taken to cop shows. While I very much enjoy detective shows that are usually fun and endearing, like Monk or Murder She Wrote, I can't even think of one cop show I've even glanced at. They seem too "us" against "them" or too many times it's about underhandedly outwitting the criminal (like the Closer), leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Yet, Flashpoint's premise intrigued me. I watched episode one, and I was hooked. But what I've noticed with some series, often the meat of the show shifts, the writers either lose focus or content, and so they start making the episodes about the characters' lives in a very soap opera type way. I'm thrilled to say this didn't happen with Flashpoint.

True, the episodes brought out elements of struggle and simple "reality" of living...making the characters real and believable. Otherwise, it'd have been like watching a comic strip of heroes, brave, amazing souls, without damaged lives of their own. To my delight, though, the writers never turned these life details into the story. They only used the details to flesh out each episode, and in my opinion, they did a superb job of it!

Team One of the SRU's motto: Connect, Respect, Protect.

Over and over the characters faced challenges, unknown elements, know facts that were misunderstood and yet they held to this motto to the letter. I have never seen a show so carefully show all sides of criminal behavior in an uncondoning way, seek to reach someone where they are at and then have such a high respect of life that even when the criminal becomes the hostage of a person who has every "right" to take that criminal's life, the focus shifts and the viewer (me) is confronted with his or her view of "Life" and the implications therein.

I must confess that Flashpoint's brilliant writing staff, and perfectly casted actors both of which has remain true to form through-out, has help me to confront some warped views of life and the value there of. A strange thing for a follower of Christ to realize and come to terms with as I've been inundated by the acting out of the team's motto during each episode time and again over the past few months.

I explore each aspect of the motto below and how it has impacted/challenged me personally. Feel free to read on if you'd like, but my review is done except to say, Flashpoint has done more than entertain me...it's inspired me.


My inside chatter has been telling me something for a long time but until recently I haven’t recognized it’s impact in my life…lt’s been like a low hum, vibrating under all the regular chatter of my usual days.
It’s the lie that says life here on earth is a part of the curse. That the blessing of life is going home to be with the Lord when you die.
And although it’s true that all of the pain of life, the strife and heartache, will cease when we die, I’ve begun to understand that the life that God has given us here and now is the just the BEGINNING of the blessing of eternal life found in Christ.
You know, my oldest daughter is 7. She is alert and aware and incredibly curious. I’ve been cringing these past few weeks at every mention of the word “Abortion” or “Roe v. Wade” due to it’s 40 anniversary. I know that one day soon I will have to tell her, in the simplest terms what these words mean. For those who have walked this road, I’m sure it’s not like glossing over Santa Claus.It’s real and wrong and it’s reality is unthinkable…and it happens everyday, all day long in our land we call a “Christian Nation”.
But secretly, I think I’ve been “okay” with abortion because of this lie about life that has warped my mind. Because really, if the true blessing of living doesn’t come until after life on earth ends, then aren’t we doing all these babies a favor? Shocking that a Believer thinks that way, but that is the end of my thinking.
Flashpoint helped me realize this. Life is a blessing, not to be thrown away or tossed around lightly. It has value and impact and moments of extremes. It is to be treasured and protected.

For a long time now, I have been growing, by God's grace, in the knowledge, understanding and correction to my behavior, that I have not always respected all people. I've picked and chosen who I'd give way to and who I wouldn't.

It isn't always clear cut either.

But slowly, as God opens the damaged places of feelings of inferiority in my heart to his healing perfect love...as I dwell in the hope and promise that I am a daughter in the Church of the First Born...I'm more able to act on the respect that God desires me to show to all people, young, old, rich, poor, sick, well, those in my own home and those that will never cross my threshold.

They are all deserving of respect. They are the image bearers of my God, my Lord and King. They are due the type of respect that honors their decisions as their own...and the consequences too. This is where a biblical understanding of "judge not according to the apperance of things, but judge righteous judgement" and our Lord's command to not have a condemning spirit, this is vitally important. This type of respect is a big part of loving the sinner, while hating the sin.


I've been amazed by the writers for this show and their ability to tell the full story, for SRU Team 1 to pick at the "subject"'s (what they call the suspect) life. The faithfulness with which they gather and pursue all aspects of the subject's life, to get the big picture, all so they can relate better, and hopefully gain a better outcome than the one the subject has in mind.

I'm afraid, I can only liken it to Christ and his talk with the prostitute at the well. Of course, Jesus, being God, knew all things, but his drawing her out, connecting to her and then helping her face what she needed to, with the hope of what she actually needed present as well...I can only liken the character's words and actions in pursuit of connection with each threatening person in their world torn lives, as beyond beautiful and awesome to behold...indeed, it's Christlike. There is no higher compliment in the world for me to give.