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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ticked and Ticking off People, Merry Christmas!

This post is for Believers who Love their Lord and truly desire to serve Him. Anyone else feel free to read, but you're not going to understand where I'm coming from...

Soooo, a few months ago, I was accosted by someone at church over teaching my children about the Greek/ Roman gods.

First off, I was in a BAD place, raw from leaving a church and people I regarded as family and though I pride myself on not gossiping or "being in the know" even I (being in a small Classical Conversation community) had heard about this woman about a year before...so you may have heard about her too!

Anyway, I completely shut her down/off/out, dismissing her claims that I'm teaching my daughter to worship false gods. She has since left the church (nothing to do with this) but if I ever see her again, I will ask her forgiveness for my dismissive attitude that was quite disrespectful. But my words I believe were appropriate...I would repeat them to the letter if asked/questioned again.

But because I really believe that as believers what we say and do has value and worth simply because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, I began to consider this woman's words once I'd calmed down, asking the Lord if there was something from Him for me to think about in her words. And though I still find her view on the whole Greek/Roman gods discussion a literary handicap for her children, I was SHOCKED as I began to to draw parallels between the practice of worshiping idols as shown in the bible and "Santa Claus" See below:

All present
All seeing/knowing
All powerful
Offer up food in honor of his coming.
Pointing to, cautioning for...awaiting his return
Given authority to reward or punish behavior

And these are just the main ones!

When you take the attributes of God and authority only God has the right to give, as seen here, and transfer them to someone else...like it or not...that's called an idol. There is no nice way to white wash that...and if you've been spinning this to your kids...yeah you should be upset.

And when you're done being ticked off at me for pointing it out, then be honest and assess your beliefs and the ones you are fostering in your children. We are in a battle for our children's hearts and minds.

As the tragedy of this past Friday in Connecticut fades, let this reality remain...Who do you want your child to know when they are scared and alone? If their mind is so focused and full of "Santa" and the fun stories about him, crowding out truth...what have you given them really? A terror made more awful by a dark mind...and I'm not talking about the shooter.

If you have taught your children "Santa is real" I would urge you to have an honest conversation with your kids...NOT about saying Santa is real or not real...it SO not about THAT...but an "I'm sorry I took what only belongs to God and gave it to a fairytale". And then EXPLAINing the difference is going to speak volumes to your kids for their LIFETIME!

That you believe in the Power of an always present Savior, all powerful King, and All knowing being "to whom all things lay open and naked and from whom nothing is hid"...who is coming again and whose return merits all the fabricated pomp we give to a fictitious being...wow, what greater gift and empowerment can you give to your children this Christmas season...That doesn't even TOUCH the Greatest Gift of All...JESUS and the true magic that fills the gospel message...When this is done, Santa rightfully pales by comparision and becomes only what he should be... a sideline, not the focus!

For an alternative to the All or NOTHING Santa bandwagons...please consider my post in Dec of last year: Can Christians Like Santa?

Thanks for Reading!