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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rebounding on a Mini Trampoline: Game plan for bodyshaping and weightloss:

Okay, so here's the deal...

Every time I get serious about getting in shape, 2 months into it, something happens! (JUST FYI ~despite some uninformed person's idea of body weight,  I'm only 5lbs outside the healthy weight range parameters and 12 lbs away from where I'd be pleased to be which is 115 lbs. I'm still a solid size 6 in a short frame. and I can still get into my size 4 shorts (rather tight though :) But, as we may all know, size 6 on a shortie might as well be size 10 on a tall person!)

So, this is what has happened each time:
1st time: got very sick
2nd time: got pregnant with my second baby girl
3rd time: got very sick (have since come up with a great tonic that helps nip these awful colds in the bud!
4th time: health issue came up but not sickness related
5th time (that would be now): I have hurt my right heel.

Now, every step can be excruciating, depending on the kind of day and activity level that day or the day before. I'm not sure what happened. May have happened by not stretching the way I should have after a run. I used to think stretching was for older people...it is and now I faithfully stretch!

I fell down some stairs about 6 months ago and landed heavily on that heel. But that seems unlikely as it was fine between the time I healed up and the time I got back into running. Sometimes it seems to be getting better, sometimes it seems to be getting worse. I've bought a cheap foot support to sleep with to keep my foot in an upright position and I NEVER go without some type of cushion on my feet. Right now, the pain seems to be in a holding pattern and somewhat manageable.

This I think is do to rebounding...or jumping on a mini trampoline! I've only been doing it for 4 days, 2x a day for 25-45 min. depending on if I'm going to the gym or not that day. But I'm really enjoying it! And unlike me sucking it up and forcing myself to go to the gym for an hour and dreading the horrific pain afterwards, I'm not in any worse shape after I get off the rebounder, than when I get on it...in fact, I'd say I'm a little better (except for swelling in the heel) when I get off. likely this is due to stretching of the leg and calf muscles while on the trampoline!

My game plan is as follows:

Eat normally with caution and 4 -5 glasses of water/white tea a day. (I'm never going to be a dieter. I think that's just a foolish way of setting yourself up, especially with a family to feed. Also, I'm not a big eater~I can have one or two chips and leave the bag, or not have any at all, not a big deal to me) I'm just watching what I eat a bit and being careful to add some protein to a carb when I have one. I'm not a big sweet eater, though I will say I've had to put the breaks on certain places like Panera's and Starbucks. Which, once I'm away from, I don't miss. I read the Hilton Head Beach diet and I believe my issue is my metabolism slowing down than anything. I actual take in less calories than I did 10 years ago...or just as many...only now I'm having weight gain. Oh and portions. I am going to try filling my plate to my norm and then only eating half of it, enjoying each bite. If I'm still hungry, I'll have the rest of the plate...but at least I'm eating with intention.

Work out on the rebounder at least 2x a day 6-7 days a week. Once in the morning while the girls are getting ready for the day, right after breakfast and once either after lunch or after dinner. Keeping the time between 25-45 minutes depending on what other activities I'll be engaging in that day.

I plan to go to the gym 3-4 times a week and then either 1-2 days a week walk or do something energetic with the girls. (Today we went outside in the rain for 20 minutes! It was really fun and spontaneous totally crazy :)

This sounds very involved, but doing this so far this week for 4 days, it's really be a blast and has added focus to my day. I have a lot to do...and I'm more aware of the time that ticks by!

Now, how do I feel rebounding? Wonderful! I have a Reebok  rebounder from Target it was around $35. It doesn't squeak at all and it doesn't cost $600-$900 for a high end rebounder.

I'm having fun, my skin looks radiant afterwards, I still have energy afterwards and knowing I expend more calories on it than running on a treadmill (or any other machine/or running outside) and that I'm naturally changing/shaping my core by even just being on the trampoline, just makes me want to get on it more! I love that I'm doing one of the best exercises for my body known to man!

I FEEL my muscles are fatigued (especially my butt and thighs) but there's no pain :) LOVING IT!

Next week's plan is to fatigue my lower body prior to one of the rebounding workouts by going up and down the stairs in an intentional way, not rushing, but concentrating on slow and steady. I'll give an update in about a week. I'm thinking to only check my weight every 2 weeks until I really see some changes in my clothes (which I've already seen some loosening...although I KNOW that's just water right now, still nice to feel!) Bye for now!